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FlexFleet is the only provider to offer NO CONTRACT plans for digitally managing your fleet.

‘Gold Digger,’ Rabbit River Transportation. Photo by Eric Hassevoort

FlexFleet Features

Simple, reliable driver interface

FMCSA Compliant ELD

On-site Driver and Administrator training


No Contract, No Obligation, No Kidding!

FlexFleet offers unparalleled customer service and custom solutions for our clients. Our unique GPS and ELD products deliver a suite of hardware, software and data from a single source. Our approach sets us apart from our competitors, allowing us to provide exceptional service at the lowest total cost.

FlexFleet Exceeds Expectations and Guarantees It

  • HardwareGuaranteed
  • ApplicationsGuaranteed
  • FMCSA ComplianceGuaranteed
  • Cost per MonthGuaranteed
  • No Hidden CostsGuaranteed
  • No ContractsGuaranteed
  • Lowest Total CostGuaranteed

Exceptional GPS and ELD products, Outstanding Customer Service, Guaranteed Results

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